Poetry Tuesday

She wasn’t my first kiss But she’s the kiss that mattered The one that made me want to be the girl who made her bad days better The one that wanted to make her say that her life has changed since I met her And so now, my lips belong to her Just look at … More Poetry Tuesday

Life Lesson

It’s been almost two years since we separated and would you look at the day, a year since I was granted a divorce. Facebook has this sick sense of humor though and keeps showing me memories from happier times. Times when we were In love and In lust and Into each other. Pictures and posts … More Life Lesson

Poetry Tuesday

Can we take it back to the day I told you how I feel The day I let you know what I’m feeling is real Can I take it back to those poems with my heart plastered all over them Before “I can’t stop loving you” kept being sung by KEM Take it back to … More Poetry Tuesday

Never Too Late

I graduated high school in 2005. I had heard how gap years could hurt you rather than help you. I did not listen though and took a year off before attending college. I did end up enrolling and starting college though. I majored in graphic design, in hopes of getting into advertising. Everything was going … More Never Too Late

Poetry Tuesday

My thoughts at 2 o clock are the same as they are at 5 I wonder how you see me through your eyes And these are my thoughts when I stare at you There’s no way that all this could be true You staring and smiling lighting up my world Making me want to make … More Poetry Tuesday

Dumb In Love

What y’all are doing to people is dead wrong. And damaging as fuck. Y’all really seeing other people while living together and raising a whole family together like it’s an everyday thing. The people that y’all fuck with can’t even chill with y’all in y’all house because of y’all relationship. It’s like y’all have each … More Dumb In Love